SCHURTER Metal Over Cap

your durable switch

The SCHURTER Metal Over Cap is the ideal solution for durable switches without mechanical parts. Based on the capacitive technology, SCHURTER created a switch panel for the ruggedized market. This switching technology is a good alternative for the well-known Piezo switch. The mechanical properties of the Piezo switch and the flexible options of capacitive technology meet here in one product. This all comes in a custom design in order to fulfil your specific needs!

1.    Durable material
Especially in harsh environments such as POS/POI terminals, you would like to have a durable front material. MoC can be equipped with either stainless steel or aluminum to provide a robust switching panel. Your panel will be secured, waterproof and protected against vandalism.  

2.    Graphical print
The printing is made by silkscreen using special colour on top of the plain material and afterwards sealed to ensure the durability. This has the advantage that the material can be printed with any text and graphic. You can create an attractive design with a modern look and feel. 

3.     Sensor electronics
The circuit will be designed on a rigid PCB mounted at the rear of the panel. All components are mechanically durable and not worn by mechanical use. Ideal for situations in transportation where vibrations cannot be avoided.

4.    Mechanical process
Your selected and printed material is milled from the rear side to define switching areas. With this technology, a thicker and more durable material can be used. The operating force can be adapted specifically to your application by an adopted production process.

5.     Capacitive controller
The technology is all based on standard capacitive controller chips. SCHURTER can assist you with the complete PCB or provide the schematic for integration on your main board. Larger key panels can be created with a microprocessor on a dedicated PCB.

6.     Indicators
When required, status indicators based on LED's, could be integrated into the sensor electronics. The LED's will illuminate through little holes in the front surface material.

  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Building automation
  • Construction machinery

  • Ruggedized
  • Attractive flexible design
  • Water resistance
  • Cost effective compared to a Piezo
  • Without moving mechanical parts
  • Suitable for any climate condition
  • Reliable switching technology

    Key specifications:
  • 1-14 keys
  • Other configurations possible with customized software
  • I2C, SPI, UART or digital I/O
  • 3.0V up to 5.5V operating voltage
  • Temperature range -40°C +85°C
  • Operating force 1 - 10N


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